Melbourne Marathon 2015 – Notching up number 10!


The more things change the more they stay the same. Melbourne was home to the first marathon I ran so I felt it fitting that it would be home to my tenth. Honestly a few years ago, never would I have thought that I would end up running ten marathons. But as all runners know, there is an inherent burning desire to run faster, run further and to keep on racing. Every runner knows what I’m talking about. And nothing, not even the pain of running 42.2km can extinguish that flame..

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Sydney Marathon 2015


3 weeks ago I ran the Sydney Marathon for the 3rd time. The lowdown is this. It was my 2nd fastest marathon time. I completed it in 3:37:16. It was the 3rd time I had done Sydney and it was fastest I had ever done it in. However, running isn’t always about individuals. It isn’t always about me. Case in point, look at Strava. There’s a feature in their labs section called “The Roster” which shows how often you have run and who they are. Looking at my stats here, 43% of my runs, I’ve run with other people.

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