Good luck in NYC Elliott, Paula and Tim!

NYC MarathonIn all my time running, if I had to distill what I enjoy about running into two succinct points, it would be these:

  1. Running myself and the high I get out of it
  2. The enjoyment I get out of seeing other people run and accomplish their goals

For the 2nd point, my running buddy and fellow colleague Elliott Murray ( will in about a week’s time complete his 2nd ever Marathon, in New York out of all cities. Under normal circumstances, this is a massive feat. I’m still of the opinion (and probably always will) that running and completing a marathon is an extraordinary accomplishment. Nothing quite prepares you for those last gruelling, heart wrenching 8-10km, where you question everything in life, especially running.

However in this case here, I’ve seen Mr Murray, overcome so many obstacles and hurdles, that the fact that he will be at the start line is amazing. When I first met Elliott, I was not a runner in the slightest. What I found out about him was that he was a runner in the past, in fact he had completed a marathon already (sub 4hrs in Edinburgh Marathon in 2009).  Throughout my time knowing him, as I slowly transformed into a semi-competent runner, I’ve seen him time and time again, try and get back into running, yet only succumb painfully to injury. Whether that be stress fractures, hamstring tears, knee problems or all of the above. It felt like he was a bird learning how to fly for the first time. He would build a head of steam, only to crash back down to earth due to some injury. I’m pretty sure he doubted whether he would ever complete a marathon again…

Fast forward to this year, 2014. Elliott tells me he is going to New York to do the Marathon in November. Not only did he commit himself to running the marathon but he also committed himself to raise $7500 for the Heart Foundation ( Needless to say, I was extremely impressed on both fronts.

Throughout the course of the year, I’ve seen the transformation in him running wise. He has smashed his PBs (and me in the process). I think he’s basically set new PBs for every distance he has run, from 5km to 10km to the Half Marathon. He gave up football (soccer as us Aussies call it) this year and even the drink in the last few weeks. Also, he smashed his fund raising target as well.

It hasn’t been easy as marathon training never is. Especially in the last few weeks, I think he’s mentioned going to Physio twice a week and getting needles as if he were a human cushion. Nevertheless, he’s come through it all and he’s in the best shape of his entire life.

Also because I work for a super duper athletically fit organisation, I have another colleague running NYC, Paula (and her husband Tim). I’ve aptly nick-named her PB Paula (her initials are PB). This will be her first marathon and like Elliott, I’ve followed her training closely throughout the course of the year. She’s been steady all year long and I wish her all the best. I’ve told her to enjoy the run and go slow, as no words can express the pain she’ll feel at the end. But by the same token, nothing can quite capture the exhilaration of finishing either, especially for the first time.

So in conclusion, good luck Elliott, Paula and Tim. Marathons are AMAZING. I think there’s only a finite number of them you will complete in a lifetime. So enjoy every one that you do. I will be refreshing my browser constantly next Sunday 2rd of November (Australian Time in the evening) and I will be extremely PROUD to see all of you complete what will be a FANTASTIC accomplishment. I will be extremely delighted to see the culmination of all your hard work pay off. KUDOS!

Here they are, Elliott has his eye closed and Paula is sticking out  her tongue

Here they are, Elliott has his eye closed and Paula is sticking out her tongue


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