Embrace the long run

When I was training for my first marathon, I used to mark mentally when I had to do long runs and would dread the days leading up to it. After all, it’s never pleasant running 30km or more right? However, nowadays my attitude has changed quite a bit. I mean running is what I want to do. It is not a chore, it is enjoyable. I want to run marathons.

So over time, I have slowly come around to running long. Here are so pointers that help me look forward to logging those kms.

  • Take out the headphones and take in the scenery. I used to have my 4 hr playlist blasting in my ears from the outset… However, now I run without music at all, I take in my surroundings
  • Run with other people, find a running group
  • Don’t run too hard. Long runs need to be run much slower than your RP. It won’t matter if you stop for a drink or at traffic lights. Each run is not a race!
  • You can eat whatever you want afterwards
  • It will make future longer runs easier
  • The run will look awesome on Strava

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