10 signs you’re addicted to Strava!

  1. You refresh Strava more than you check your email, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined
  2. When someone takes your CR, you immediately go out and snipe it back
  3. You know what sniping a segment means
  4. You’re happy when you turn 40 because it means competing in a new age category in Strava (sorry EM)
  5. You live by the rule “if it ain’t on Strava, it didn’t happen”
  6. You charge your GPS watch more than you charge your phone
  7. You communicate to people via posting on their runs instead of sending them emails
  8. Your friends list in Facebook and Strava are the same
  9. You go on holiday to places that aren’t on your heat map just so you can run there
  10. When running with friends, you upload your run immediately when finished, so you get first go at setting the CRs

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