Mini Mos 2014 Race Report

On the 15th of June 2014, was the annual Mini Mos Race. It’s a road race with an accompanying fair that’s put on by the Mosman Public school and it has been going on for over 30 years now. I did do the 10km race last year, so I think I had a moment of weakness and signed up again. See there are a lot of aspects I like about the race, the fact that it’s local, it’s a small event, it’s only 10km, it’s good for the community, etc. However the one slight negative, is the fact that it’s a very challenging course. There are hills, turns, more turns and more hills. Basically, it’s not really a course to set your 10km PB in.

Local events

The great thing with it being a local event is that I could wake up at 6am, have a quick nibble, get changed and be at the start line with a good 15 mins to spare. Also, it’s a fairly small event, so you can get pretty close to the start line without having to get there hours in advance. There are people running around and trying to keep warm, as it’s absolutely freezing!

In terms of a goal for me, I did last year’s in 43:41 so if I could better that, I’d be happy. I knew I had absolutely no chance of going near my 10km PB (41:12) which was set on the pancake flat Sydney Harbour 10km.

Before I know it, the countdown is on, and we’re off. I spend the first km swerving, weaving through some traffic and finally set into some kind of rhythm.  I find it hard to get into any rhythm as you’re always turning a corner, going up a hill, or down a hill. The only thing I tell myself is that I should be prepared for the last km or so as it is a bit of an incline. The first couple of kms are spent heading out to Middle Head Rd.

I see Andrew L from NRG on the sidelines not once but twice yelling what I think were words of encouragement. He basically said something about the ballon catching me, and I guess that did get me a tad worried, as the only ballon behind me was the 45 minute one.   Looking down at my HRM and it’s already about 180bpm, which is pretty high for me. So I keep on prodding along up and down Prince Albert St.

The Question

A lot of races, I ask myself mid race, what the hell am I doing? I should be sleeping in my warm bed, or eating a hot breakfast. Yet I’m out here running. These questions starting coming into my mind at around the 6km mark. I sense myself struggling a bit, I don’t really accelerate but I just keep roughly 4:10-4:20 splits. I do rough calculations in my head and think that I might do a CB but I’m not entirely sure.


The last half of the race really feels like running up a narrow alley, down a small incline, followed by motoring up a hill, repeated heaps and heaps of times. Finally the last km is here. I know about this “fake finish” here were you actually need to run past the start line and around Allan Border oval and up the street only to turn around for the final few hundred metres. I do a bit sprinting to finish off. The crowd is cheering, I try and give a high ten to the Belle Property mascot, who only responds in kind with a high five. I stop my Garmin, and I’m just under my CB, so 43:21. Mission accomplished! I have a drink, chat to a few fellow NRGers, and do the 5km shuffle back home.


I find this course very difficult. I think I forgot how difficult it was because it was a year ago. Out of the three 10km course I’ve run on, (Sydney Harbour 10km, Run Sydney out at Olympic Park and this one), this one is by far the trickiest. It’s a very good and tough challenge. My legs felt very weary after the race. I’m not sure if I’ll do it again next year… maybe I’ll have another moment of weakness…

Mini-mos route

Mini-mos route




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