How I upload my runs?

I admit it, I like sharing my runs. I restarted running 3.5 years ago and large part of that was due to Runkeeper. I was a complete running novice back then but I absolutely loved looking at Runkeeper after my runs to see my progress. And those were the glory days. Basically after every run, I would get a new achievement like “Fastest pace”, “Furthest Distance” and so on and so forth.

Now, fast forward to today. I’ve moved on to using Strava, which I think is way more feature rich than RK and also seems to have a much larger following. But I still use RK for old times sake and also use Garmin Connect, as I own a Forerunner 620. I migrated to a Garmin watch as I didn’t like the idea of having to carry my phone around with me whilst running and also I believed carrying it in my armband caused issues with the phone’s headphone jack. So essentially I have 3 sites now that contain my runs, Strava, RK and GC. This does create a slight issue or pain when I have upload to GC, then export and upload to Strava and finally to RK. Probably doesn’t take too long, but just a pain.

However, I believe I’ve streamlined the process as much as possible.

  1. Use the Wifi on the Forerunner 620 to upload my run. Or use bluetooth and the Garmin Connect app on the phone to upload the run if I do not have access to Wifi. NB, Wifi has started working on the Forerunner 620 after the 2.90 firmware update for me.
  2. Use copymysports to copy from GC to RK and from GC to Strava. This is a once off setup to authorise that copymysports can publish activities to RK and Strava

Now you are done. That’s it, now more importing/exporting!

So all I do now, is come home after a run, press the transfer button on my watch and everything else is done. My run will be in GC immediately and eventually (could be as quick as 1 hour but up to 8 hours) in RK and Strava. And for extra brownie points, I use tapiriik to go from GC to Dropbox so that I have a backup of the GPX file in case something happens.


2 thoughts on “How I upload my runs?

  1. Johan says:

    This is just like my setup: Garmin FR620 via WiFi to Garmin Connect, then Copymysports to Runkeeper and Strava.
    But don’t you edit title and description of the activity on Garmin Connect first?
    Earlier I used to think Copymysports was too slow before it discovered new activities. But now that my FR620 uploads automatically as soon as I get home I don’t even have the time to enter title and description on Garmin Connect before it gets synced to RK and Strava. Then I have to edit it on all three sites. It would be nice if it was possible to manually trigger Copymysports to look for new activities.

  2. Ricky says:

    If I edit the title, it will tend to be in Strava as I treat that as my source of truth. Also in Strava, it allows me to attach the appropriate shoe I have used for my run. But with this workflow I can do these updates in bulk at a later date. I really like the ability to just come back from a run and not have to use a computer to get my runs on to all the various site.

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