Embrace the long run

When I was training for my first marathon, I used to mark mentally when I had to do long runs and would dread the days leading up to it. After all, it’s never pleasant running 30km or more right? However, nowadays my attitude has changed quite a bit. I mean running is what I want to do. It is not a chore, it is enjoyable. I want to run marathons. Continue reading


10 signs you’re addicted to Strava!

  1. You refresh Strava more than you check your email, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined
  2. When someone takes your CR, you immediately go out and snipe it back
  3. You know what sniping a segment means
  4. You’re happy when you turn 40 because it means competing in a new age category in Strava (sorry EM)
  5. You live by the rule “if it ain’t on Strava, it didn’t happen”
  6. You charge your GPS watch more than you charge your phone
  7. You communicate to people via posting on their runs instead of sending them emails
  8. Your friends list in Facebook and Strava are the same
  9. You go on holiday to places that aren’t on your heat map just so you can run there
  10. When running with friends, you upload your run immediately when finished, so you get first go at setting the CRs

Multi-level Goals

During the 2013 Sydney Marathon, as I was sitting down between the 27th and 28th km trying to calm down my breathing at an aid stop, it dawned upon me the importance of multi-level goals. Here I was, with another 14kms to go in a Marathon, no chance of hitting my target goal of a PB, so what was I running for? I asked the aid worker what my options were… I’m not sure if I fully comprehended his response, but I think it went something along the lines of walking to the nearest bus stop. Thinking that getting PT (Public Transport) back home from Centennial Park was probably going to take about the same amount of time as finishing the race, I plodded on. I ran/walked the rest of the way, reluctantly grabbed my finisher’s medal and t-shirt.  Continue reading

How I upload my runs?

I admit it, I like sharing my runs. I restarted running 3.5 years ago and large part of that was due to Runkeeper. I was a complete running novice back then but I absolutely loved looking at Runkeeper after my runs to see my progress. And those were the glory days. Basically after every run, I would get a new achievement like “Fastest pace”, “Furthest Distance” and so on and so forth. Continue reading